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This paving option is 100% worth the investment because of its professional and high-quality appearance. You've made the decision to cover your area with this material. But what are the next steps? The first thing you need to do is measure everything and check the bases. It is important to do base work, especially when you consider cost. This is the easy part. This is the easy part!

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The Driveway Company has a wide range of color options that will suit traditional and modern tastes. We can design a resin bound driveway in Hertfordshire to perfectly match your property's unique style. While the photos show some of the colors in our resin bound driveway in Hertfordshire collection, you can't beat seeing the real thing. We can send you free samples of our colour mixes, so get in touch with us today to start your Resin journey.

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When asking for a quote, please keep in mind the following examples. If you get quotes that are lower than the ones above, you will most likely end up with a substandard product and a company you can't get back to again. Cheap is not always the best choice when it comes down to resin driveways in Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire How To Do A Driveway Yourself
Resin Driveways Costs - Hertfordshire

Resin Driveways Costs - Hertfordshire

Imagine your dream home. Imagine the spectacular front door, impressive facade, sprawling driveway. What is your vision of the driveway? Is the driveway the stunning, unaffected beauty of a multicolored driveway with block-edged borders that is endless?

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Resin bound surfacing, unlike concrete and block decorative paving is difficult to install. This makes resin bound surfacing more expensive than many other options, such as porous coloured asphalt. To ensure that this type of surfacing is durable and lasts, it must be laid correctly by an expert. If you don't have the right knowledge to do it properly, your installation won't look as great as it could.

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Yes resin bound. It is a mixture of aggregate and resin that creates air pockets for water. Some A resin bound driveway in Hertfordshire may fade in colour. Use of resins that is not UV stabilized can cause fade. All our installations are made with UV stable resin. All this being said resin is an excellent choice. It is unbeatable in cost, quality, and beauty and aesthetics.

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Apart from the technical details of planning permission, it is important to consider the type of resin used by your company. This is a factor that can impact your company's reputation. Any reputable seller will use UV-stable resins. It is important to keep your driveway looking great long after it has been installed. Moss and other overgrowths are not only unattractive but can also make your driveway slippery.

Hertfordshire Driveway Entrance Ideas Landscaping

The cost of a new resin drive can range from £80 per square meter to £120 per square metre. A UK customer will typically pay around £100 on average per m2. It is easy to see why driveway size is so important.


Resin-bound paved driveways tend to be cheaper than block pavers. You need to take into account the area you are working on, the surface condition, the materials used, and the labor involved.

Resin paving is an excellent choice if you are looking for a long-term investment in your driveway or property. Resin paving is extremely durable and can last up to 25 years.


Cement and sand have material costs that are significantly lower than resin bound driveways. The choice of stone in resin bound driveways can also impact the overall cost.

Installation of a Resin Bound Surface can be complicated. We will discuss the most common problems and solutions and give you advice on how to avoid them. Unexpected rain damage, surface detachment, shading, reflective cracking, and iron spot are all common issues.

Resin driveways are non-slip because they have a smooth finish with no chippings and are SUDS compliant. Although tarmac can withstand high pressure and is durable, it can become porous and loosen over time.

The short answer to this question is "no". A resin driveway, when installed properly, should be weed-resistant. However, it is possible for seeds in the air that land on the resin driveway and cause some growth.

You can jet wash resin surfaces such as patios or driveways that are resin bound.